Healthy products


Purity of the ingredients and traditional recipe

The purity of the ingredients used and the traditional manufacturing methods remain just as they were when Joselín first began mid-way through the last century.

The most important thing is the product, and to know it well. Ensuring that it is natural, knowing how to exploit its qualities in the right quantities to achieve the desired taste, that is what is fundamental. The objective of Joselín Sobaos and Quesadas is to develop products that prioritise taste and the combination of natural products of our land: flour, butter, milk, eggs and sugar.

Joselín has succeeded in uniting traditional artisanship with strict quality standards (holding the IFS food safety certification since 2009). But being artisan is not synonymous with being archaic. Afterall, beating an egg with a spoon is no more artisan than doing so with a whisk. It is in the egg that the artisanry lies. At Joselín we know that the artisan’s role nowadays lies in selecting natural products and not adulterating them, as part of the loving care that they apply to their task. A good artisan is not one who works with masterful techniques but rather with precise recipes and exact measurements.

For maximum quality with maximum flavour, the company that has focused on four major points:

1. Thorough recipe control

2. Selection, control and monitoring of the quality of the products supplied by our suppliers

3. Training in product elaboration and food security at all levels of the workforce carried out by our accredited technicians

4. Control of the control points of production (HACCP) plan and microbiological and organoleptic analysis of all products and raw materials

Neither Preservatives nor hydrogenated fats

It is important to state that our products use no preservatives or hydrogenated fats, products which are often added to industrial products and which have contributed significantly to rising obesity rates among the population. With artisanal products we are always able to know what we are eating and what the components are.

We can be certain that these are natural and they are free of additives that are harmful to health. In addition, products are made daily. This ensures freshness and quality at all times.

Joselín products contain a low percentage of saturated fats. This is the type of fat you should avoid or consume in much more moderation since they are responsible for increasing levels of blood cholesterol which can lead to clogging of arteries and, in turn, heart conditions. Whereas Joselin products contain a significant percentage of unsaturated fats the ‘good fats’ which bring more benefits to the body. With moderate consumption of these we are able to replace the bad fats in the body, thus maintaining a healthy body.

We have managed to make a product suitable for all consumers, from children to adults of any age while maintaining the best tradition with the quality of the classic recipes and with the latest technology with the finest traditional requirements.