Professional team

Nowadays of the four sisters who make up the second generation of Joselín Sobaos and Quesadas, two- Maria Angeles Sainz Garcia and Maria - continue the family business started in the early fifties in a traditional bakery in Vega de Pas, Cantabria.

Joselin is a company that has always backed women to form part of both its management team and workforce. Each working day the team apply the great care and patience that is required for artisanal products and the manual activities they entail, which require a number of trained skills.

Thus it is a great satisfaction and a huge honor to have received the 2010 Award of Excellence for Innovation for Rural Women awarded by the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs.

A certificate of recognition and international prestige, which reflects the widespread recognition of the commitment to women's participation in both the management team and other departments and women’s involvement at local level promoting economic activity in the area.