The artisan tradition of the Sainz family

In the middle of the last century the Sainz family begins to develop its sobaos and quesadas in an old bakery oven in Vega de Pas.

Years later they began to market them, as it was done at the time, by loading the product into a large wooden chest and hauling it between nearby towns and markets until the merchandise within had all been sold.

Since then some things have changed, the tools used for instance; the wooden chests have become delivery vans, some mechanization processes have been incorporated in the kneading and packaging of the product.

The team that make up this great family has also increased, as has the location of the original workshop and a project is currently in development for the construction of new, larger and more modern one.

But the purity of ingredients and traditional manufacturing formula remain intact thanks to over sixty years of effort and commitment to quality and care for raw materials.

And much of the credit for Joselín being synonymous with good work belongs to Maria Angeles and her devotion to remaining faithful to the family ethos of using the traditional recipes and an artisanal approach.