Gastronomic Sabor Pasiego

Joselin —renowned for their pasiego sobao cakes and quesada puddings— recently held the first 'Pasiego flavours’ gastronomic event, a fantastic day which attracted the sponsorship and collaboration of Liberbank in which some of the most prestigious restaurants in Cantabria participated.

Below are some of the unmissable creations, recipes and interpretations that the best chefs in the region came up with during the event using our Pasiega Quesada puddings as the principal ingredient.

Cristina Tresgallo Aldazábal

(Villa de Santillana Restaurant)


Quesada pudding with white chocolate ice cream and red berries


The chef’s proposal

The combination of quesada, red fruit and ice cream is superb


Emilio Gutiérrez Solórzano

(La Malinche Restaurant, Santander)


Joselin sobao cake crumbs with hot quesada pudding served with a ‘Picos’ cream brandy mousse, tangerine ice cream and honey blossom


The chef’s proposal

Allow yourself to be surprised by something really of our region and enjoy that flavours that identify the Pas and Liébana valleys


Gustavo Pérez

(El Hostal Restaurant)


Warm quesada pudding with citrus textures, hazelnut chunks and Liebana brandy


The chef’s proposal

Enjoy the incredible sensations produced by the mixture of citrus, brandy and the quesada


Christian Cacho

(Mores Restaurant, Vargas)


Quesada pudding cupcake with Liebana brandy


The chef’s proposal

An original cupcake which blends two of the most important gastronomic treasures of Cantabrian tradition


Floren Bueyes

(Abra del Pas, Nestares y Marítime Museum Restaurants)


Quesada and white chocolate ingot on a glazed pastry bed


The chef’s proposal

A little treasure for the tasebuds fusing pastry and quesada in the presence of chocolate


Nacho Basurto

(Asubio Gastrobar-Restaurant)


Glazed filo-based pastry with creamy pasiega quesada filling, mountain ironwort tea ice cream with brandy, lemon cream and blueberries


The chef’s proposal

A treat that’s not to be missed, especially the fusion of flavours that the mountain ironwort tea and blueberries leave in the mouth


Jesús Sánchez Sainz

(Cenador de Amós Restaurant)


Pasiega quesada macaroon


The chef’s proposal

Homemade desserts that evoke the aromas of Cantabria with a novel and attractive texture