The Origins


Three Generations of Artisans

Simple origins, authentic product: the Sainz family story is one of three generations of artisans from the valleys of the river Pas that all began with the initial determination and entrepreneurial impulse, of Antonia García Mazorra, a courageous Pasiega who was the head of a matriarchy typical of rural Cantabria of the past century. In Vega de Pas, where Joselín, her husband, worked as a baker, Antonia would knead the first pasiegos sobao cakes to be commercialised with the help of Castilian wheat flour of the bootleg era and the ever-present support of her neighbour and companion, Lucia.

Develop the Best Possible Product

The origins were modest, as would be expected from an artisan family effort from a rural, postwar, peasant community set in the rugged mountain terrain of Cantabria. These were years of scarcity in which trade was made difficult due to the rudimentary local communications.The weekly markets of Ontaneda and Selaya; the pannier, suitcases or wooden crates used to haul a few kilos of sobaos; the donkeys that helped carry the goods through the ports ... thus are summarised our elders’ memories and anecdotes of those times.

The family’s move to Selaya, in the early sixties, marks the beginning of uninterrupted growth of the company, which, by this time, was now in the hands of the second generation, Mary and Mariángeles, two of Joselin’s four daughters, who never yielded to the temptations of the market instead choosing to maintain the criteria to develop the best possible product with the best raw materials and an absolute respect for the ways of working of the family tradition.