Tradition and Quality


Tradition, Enthusiasm, Passion...

At Joselín, tradition is the main ingredient; and enthusiasm and passion are the energy that heats our ovens. Joselin Sobaos and Quesadas Ltd has a long history of dedication and firm commitment to quality as well as the unhurried, earthbound methods that are in keeping with the deep-rooted family tradition and its enthusiastic care for customers and friends.

The utmost discernment in selecting the best raw materials on the market is, for us, a non-negotiable issue. The slow, meticulous process of creating pasiego sobao cakes and quesada puddings is our daily work. Attention to detail in the packaging, presentation and corporate image of our products is the figurative icing on the cake applied before making our creations available to our customers.

Emotional experience

We aspire to a tasting scorecard to match the expectations of our demanding customers. Tasting a Joselín pasiego sobao, or quesada pudding becomes an emotional experience that stems from several premises: optimal raw materials, excellent handling, care and detail in finishing and presentation along with modern and highly qualified product traceability. This is the objective.

The accolades were forthcoming. Joselin Sobaos and Quesadas Ltd is the only company in the Pas valleys to obtain the IFS VI level seal that certifies the optimal level of their quality and traceability processes. Furthermore, in 2010 it obtained First Prize for Innovation for Rural Women, an award granted by the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs. Joselín also forms a part of, as well as being one of the main drivers behind, the Regulatory Council for the the Protected Geographical Indication of Sobao Pasiego. And recently our quesada has obtained in London the Great Taste 2017 and our new ecological sobaos have been awarded with 2 stars to the Superior Taste by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) of Brussels.